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About Aquatic Education

Established in 1997, Aquatic Education has adhered to the simple philosophy of delivering great training, great service, and practical outcomes. Our growth has been built on these principles, ensuring that we consistently provide high-quality education and training.

By offering a variety of services, we can tailor solutions to meet your specific needs. At Aquatic Education, we believe that the quality of training and staff development directly impacts the outcomes produced. If you want the best for your team, get in contact with us.

We are third-party providers for two main organisations that issue certificates, determine training processes and provide digital training material. As privately owned Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), they can quickly adapt to industry needs and continually update their resources, ensuring that our training remains current and effective.

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Please feel free to contact us by phone or email. Or alternatively fill in the form below, and we will get back to you.

PHONE NUMBER: 07 3390 3733


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